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Info zur Überschrift : 2.2.1 Grundkurs und Übung

Hinweis :

Students only need to attend ONE of the general courses and ONE of the "Übungen".

This class, consisting of a two-hour general course and a one-hour tutorial, will offer an introduction to the basic terms, selected methods, theories and issues relevant to the study of literature in English. The main course will introduce students to the skills required for reading and researching literature written in English (e.g. literary history, literary criticism, textual analysis of texts, elements of literary theory, the genres of poetry, fiction and drama). The tutorial aims at developing practical skills in literary analysis and academic research and includes a written assignment. There will be a written test at the end of the semester.

Registration for the course: Please register for the GENERAL COURSES in the CLIX-SYSTEM.

Hochschulstruktur Anglistik und Amerikanistik