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Biomedizinische Polymere (Biomed) - Einzelansicht

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Veranstaltungsnummer 132288 Kurztext Biomed
Semester WiSe 2021/22 SWS
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Di. 12:30 bis 14:00 woch          
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del Campo Bécares, Aránzazu , Prof. Dr.
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Location: INM, Building D2 2, Lecture Hall A, 2nd Floor (in-person event)

and hybrid from Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Time: Tuesday, 12:30 - 02:00 pm


Bitte registrieren Sie sich bei Martina Bonnard (martina.bonnard@leibniz-inm.de)
Please register with Martina Bonnard (martina.bonnard@leibniz-inm.de)

The following information is needed:
- full name
- Student's registration number (Matrikelnummer)
- Area of studies
- your student's email address (necessary for registration in Moodle)


Start of the lecture: Tuesday, November 2, 2021


Details are subject to change. Please keep checking.




Important information:

  • If you wish to participate in an in-person event, you must register in advance; when entering the classrooms, please also register via the Staysio app: https://staysio.de/#/
  • You are only allowed to attend in-person events if you can prove that you are fully vaccinated, have received a negative COVID-19 test result or have recovered from an infection with COVID-19 (COVID-19 status / '3G’ status). Everyone participating in an in-person event will need to provide truthful information on his or her COVID-19 status in the Staysio app.
  •  Upon entering the INM building, you are required to wear mouth and nose coverings (surgical or FFP2 masks). The obligation to wear the mask applies until reaching the seat in the Lecture Hall as well as when leaving it even for a short time.
  • If it is impossible to maintain the minimum physical distance of 1.5 metres, you are required to wear a medical face cover.
  • In order to successfully re-establish in-person teaching, we need to work together to stay safe: Please make sure to comply with all rules and regulations listed above.


Date Lecturer Topic                                                                                                                                                                         
del Campo Fundamentals: Definitions, History and Classes of Biomaterials. Selection criteria for biomaterials for medical applications
09.11.2021 Pearson Synthetic biomedical polymers: resorbable (I)
16.11.2021 Pearson Synthetic biomedical polymers: resorbable (II)
23.11.2021 Pearson Synthetic biomedical polymers: non resorbable (I)
30.11.2021 Pearson Synthetic biomedical polymers: non resorbable (II)
07.12.2021 Sankaran Protein adsorption on polymer surfaces. Non fouling polymers and nonthromobogenic coatings
14.12.2021 del Campo
Materials selection, case studies (I): Suture, dental composite, contact lens
21.12.2021 Christmas Vacation  
28.12.2021 Christmas Vacation  
04.01.2022 Kasper Immune response to biomaterials. Regulatory issues in biomaterials
11.01.2022 Pearson Hydrogels for cell encapsulation
18.01.2022 Puertas Bioprinting and e-spinning: medical meshes and 3D scaffolds
25.01.2022 Sankaran
Living materials for medical applications    
01.02.2022 No lecture  
08.02.2022 No lecture
15.02.2022 Pearson                   
22.02.2022 del Campo/Pearson Presentations
01.03.2022 del Campo/Pearson Presentations


Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester WiSe 2021/22 , Aktuelles Semester: SoSe 2024