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[cs] Cultural Studies II - North America: Proud to be an American: The Impact of Country Music on U.S. Culture - Einzelansicht

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Veranstaltungsnummer 147044 Kurztext
Semester WiSe 2023/24 SWS 2
Erwartete Teilnehmer/-innen Max. Teilnehmer/-innen 20
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Credits 3
Sprache Englisch
Belegungsfrist WindhundWarte Anglistik/Amerikanistik    18.09.2023 15:30:00 - 05.11.2023 23:59:00   
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Fr. 11:30 bis 16:00 Einzel am 24.11.2023 Gebäude A2 2 - Seminarraum 1.20.1 Rezwan   in person / on campus  
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Sa. 09:00 bis 15:00 Einzel am 25.11.2023 Gebäude C5 4 - SEMINARRAUM 2.09 Rezwan   in person / on campus  
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Fr. 11:00 bis 17:00 Einzel am 08.12.2023 Gebäude A2 2 - Seminarraum 1.20.1 Rezwan      
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Sa. 09:00 bis 15:00 Einzel am 09.12.2023 Gebäude C5 4 - SEMINARRAUM 2.09 Rezwan      
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Zugeordnete Person
Zugeordnete Person Zuständigkeit
Rezwan, Payman , Mag.
Abschluss Studiengang Semester Prüfungsversion Kommentar LP BP ECTS
Bachelor (HF/NF/EF) English - 20161
Bachelor (HF/NF/EF) English - 20101
LA Sekundarstufe I Englisch - 20121
LA Sekundarstufe I und II Englisch - 20121
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Anglistik und Amerikanistik



In his song 'It's America', country singer Rodney Atkins delivers the following description of the U.S: 'It's cities and farms, it's open arms, one nation under God.' This is a typical description, made by country artists about their homeland. An emphasis on the rural character of the country, positive American values and a degree of religious humility. These characteristics have made country music enormously popular amongst a working-class audience, and boosted record sales and concert attendances immensely.

In this course, we will take a look at the cultural phenomenon that is country music. From its roots in the Appalachian Mountains, to becoming the trigger of Elvis Presley's successful career, all the way to dominating the American music scene in our day, we will chronicle the genre's history and investigate how it become the 'music of a nation'. Furthermore, we will discuss some of its most important artists and find out how they contributed to country music's current status.

The focus of this course will be on how America is represented in country music. Especially contemporary country music, with artists such as Garth Brooks, Toby Keith or Taylor Swift, offers a wide array of different topics and deals with almost every aspect of American life and culture. You will be presented with these aspects, i.e. the American South and rural America, the struggles of the working class, politics, or the U.S. as a God-fearing nation, and we will analyze how country music deals with and represents these aspects in its lyrics and music videos.


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This course will take place on campus.


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