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Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
121570 Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing   -   Klakow Blockseminar
121571 Multimodal Dialogue Systems   -   Petukhova Seminar
123468 Advanced Fuzzing Techniques   -   Zeller Seminar
123594 Machine Learning and Formal Methods   -   Singla Christakis Seminar
123621 Software Engineering 2.0: AI for SE   -   Apel Seminar
123624 Hybrid Learning and Reasoning   -   Klusch Seminar
123704 Machine Learning for Harvesting Health and Life Science Knowledge   -   Ernst Yates Terolli Seminar
123812 Seminar: Advances in Inpainting   -   Weickert Andris Tomasson Seminar
123841 Advanced Topics in Cloud and Datacenter Systems   -   Mace Seminar
123974 Artificial intelligence in relation to considerations from the perspective of history of science, philosophy (of nature) and ethics   -   Müller Seminar
123997 Advanced Topics in Approximation Algorithms   -   Mömke Seminar
124002 Refinement in program verification, compiler construction and cryptography   -   Künnemann Nemati Seminar
124014 Digitalisierung und Datenschutz   -   Sorge Seminar
124015 Legal Tech and eJustice   -   Sorge Seminar
124144 Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Computer Graphics   -   Theobalt Seminar
124174 Data-driven Approaches on Understanding Disinformation   -   Zhang Seminar
124175 Selected Topics in Mobile Security   -   Bugiel Seminar
124194 Reading Group Algorithms   -   Bringmann Seminar
124266 Neural-Symbolic Computing   -   Finkbeiner Seminar