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Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
144558 Computational Pragmatics   -   Petukhova Proseminar
147114 Decision Procedures for Verification and Synthesis   -   Dimitrova Proseminar
147116 Introduction to Digital and Privacy-Preserving Signatures   -   Hanzlik Proseminar
147117 Proseminar: Modern Hashing and Filtering Algorithms   -   Rahmann Proseminar
147125 Wireless and Mobile Security   -   Singh Proseminar
147496 Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten im Bereich digitaler und analoger Spiele und darüber hinaus   -   Lessel Proseminar
147585 Computerassisted proofs in LEAN   -   Bartholdi Online/Seminar
147587 Techniques for Building Scalable and Robust Web Applications   -   Dittrich Proseminar
147795 Language Models at the Intersection of Cognitive Science and Software Engineering   -   Apel Proseminar
147816 Usable Security Research to Enhance Online Child Protection   -   Krombholz Proseminar
147817 Data and Society   -   Weber Koebe Hass Proseminar