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144575 Individual Differences in Language Processing   -   Demberg Loy Mayn Seminar
144577 Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing   -   Klakow Blockseminar
145839 Advances in AI for Autonomous Driving   -   Klusch Nonnengart Meyer-Vitali Müller Seminar
146047 Eye tracking: experimental investigations in language comprehension and machine learning approaches to data analysis   -   Ryzhova Skrjanec Seminar
146417 Legal Tech und eJustice   -   Sorge Seminar
146774 Bridging Language in Machines with Language in the Brain   -   Toneva Seminar
146794 Monte Carlo Ray Tracing   -   Slusallek Grittmann Hua Seminar
146860 Machine Learning Security Reproducibility   -   Schönherr Seminar
147001 Hot Topics in Data Networks   -   Feldmann Seminar
147002 Accelerating Applications with Specialized Hardware   -   Kaufmann, PhD Seminar
147061 Aspects of Quantitative Program Verification   -   Kaminski Seminar
147089 Differential Privacy: Mathematical Background and Application   -   Vreeken Boenisch Seminar
147090 Trustworthy Machine Learning   -   Fritz Dziedzic Seminar
147091 Passwordless Authentication on the Web   -   Krombholz Golla Seminar
147092 Static Program Analysis Lab   -   Zeller Online/Seminar
147093 Mining Input Structures   -   Zeller Online/Seminar
147103 Privacy of Machine Learning   -   Zhang Seminar
147112 Advanced Theory of Secure Messaging   -   Cremers Seminar
147115 New Developments in PETS   -   Lueks Seminar
147119 Seminar: Modern Hashing and Filtering Algorithms   -   Rahmann Seminar
147135 Eye tracking for intelligent systems - a pratical research seminar   -   Feld Feit Blockseminar
147417 Reinforcement Learning with Large Language Models   -   Singla Radanovic Seminar
147553 Advanced Topics in Diffusion Modeling - From Theory to Implementation   -   Wolf Großmann Seminar
147584 Interpolation and Approximation Methods for Visual Computing Algorithms   -   Weickert Ertel Online/Seminar
147585 Computerassisted proofs in LEAN   -   Bartholdi Online/Seminar
147588 Techniques for Building Scalable and Robust Web Applications   -   Dittrich Seminar
147785 Complexity of Games   -   Marx Seminar
147796 Language Models at the Intersection of Cognitive Science and Software Engineering   -   Apel Seminar
147803 An Extravaganza of Algorithmic Models   -   Brandt Blockseminar
147810 Intelligent Systems for Supporting Human Learning   -   Nagashima Blockseminar
147814 The Web Security Seminar   -   Pellegrino Stock Fass Staicu Seminar
147815 Quantum Cryptography   -   Döttling Seminar
147818 Data and Society   -   Weber Seminar
147819 Brain-Computer Interaction   -   Krüger Rekrut Seminar
147825 Systems for Large (Language) Models   -   Gummadi Speicher Bindschaedler Seminar
147826 Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning (QCVML)   -   Theobalt Golyanik Seminar
147828 Pruning deep neural networks for lottery tickets   -   Burkholz Seminar
147829 New Developments in PETS   -   Lueks Seminar
147830 Engineering of Interactive Systems with Generative AI   -   Steimle Mühlhaus Seminar
147842 On the Practice of System and Network Engineering   -   Feldmann Fiebig Blockseminar
147865 Microarchitectural Weird Machines: Theory and Practice   -   Reineke Seminar
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Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
146421 Semantics   -   Dreyer Vorlesung / Übung
146425 Artificial Intelligence   -   Hoffmann Vorlesung / Übung
146426 Automated Reasoning   -   Waldmann Vorlesung / Übung
146429 Computer Graphics   -   Slusallek Vorlesung / Übung
146432 Digital Transmission, Signal Processing   -   Herfet Vorlesung / Übung
146433 Human Computer Interaction   -   Schmitz Vorlesung / Übung
146434 Security   -   Bugiel Holz Vorlesung / Übung
146435 Software Engineering   -   Apel Vorlesung / Übung
146768 Algorithms and Data Structures   -   Bringmann Wellnitz Blockvorlesung
147527 Verification   -   Finkbeiner Vorlesung / Übung
Die Überschrift Vertiefungsvorlesungen aufklappen  weitere Informationen zu Vertiefungsvorlesungen  Vertiefungsvorlesungen    
Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
144589 Statistik mit R   -   Demberg Vorlesung / Übung
145691 Einführung in die Quanteninformationsverarbeitung - Theoretisch Physikalisches Wahlpflichtfach   -   Wilhelm-Mauch Jung Vorlesung / Übung
146215 Audio/Visual Communication and Networks (Telecommunications 2)   -   Herfet Vorlesung / Übung
146217 Mobile Security   -   Bugiel Weiterführende Vorlesung
146242 Elements of Machine Learning   -   Vreeken Muandet Vorlesung / Übung
146436 Neural Networks: Theory and Implementation   -   Klakow Vorlesung / Übung
146584 Quantum Artificial Intelligence   -   Klusch Macaluso Weiterführende Vorlesung
146842 Project Management and Execution   -   Knop Bayer Rübel Vorlesung
146903 Space Informatics   -   Hermanns Fraire Weiterführende Vorlesung
147024 3D Computer Vision   -   Ilg Weiterführende Vorlesung
147051 Advanced Topics in Neural Rendering and Reconstruction   -   Theobalt Elgharib Golyanik Leimkühler Habermann Weiterführende Vorlesung
147087 Robustness in Machine Learning   -   Zhang Weiterführende Vorlesung
147094 Side-Chanel Attacks and Defenses   -   Schwarz Weiterführende Vorlesung
147095 Reinforcement Learning   -   Wolf Weiterführende Vorlesung
147096 Program Analysis   -   Reineke Kaminski Blockvorlesung
147108 Games in Machine Learning   -   Stich Weiterführende Vorlesung
147110 Security Testing   -   Zeller Weiterführende Vorlesung
147113 Sublinear Algorithms   -   Bringmann Weiterführende Vorlesung
147126 Systems Security   -   Holz Abbasi Weiterführende Vorlesung
147457 Hands-On Dependability   -   Schmidt Weiterführende Vorlesung
147458 Formal Methods in Security   -   Künnemann Nemati Patrignani Cremers Weiterführende Vorlesung
147460 Machine Learning in Cybersecurity   -   Fritz Weiterführende Vorlesung
147556 Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Information   -   Weber Mitarbeiter/-innen des Lehrstuhls Vorlesung
147564 Differential Equations in Image Processing and Computer Vision   -   Peter Mitarbeiter/-innen des Lehrstuhls Vorlesung
147565 Image Acquisition Methods   -   Peter Vorlesung
147566 Interpolation and Approximation for Visual Computting   -   Weickert Chizhov Mitarbeiter/-innen des Lehrstuhls Vorlesung
147567 Mathematical Morphology in Image Analysis   -   Weickert Schaefer Mitarbeiter/-innen des Lehrstuhls Vorlesung
147569 Non-smooth Analysis and Optimization in Data Science   -   Ochs Mitarbeiter/-innen des Lehrstuhls Vorlesung
Die Überschrift Soft Skills Wahlpflichtbereich aufklappen  weitere Informationen zu Soft Skills Wahlpflichtbereich  Soft Skills Wahlpflichtbereich    
Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
144673 Raumschiff Erde - Klimaschutz   -   Kickelbick Vorlesung
146213 Hands-On Networking   -   Herfet Blockpraktikum
146575 Ringvorlesung Cybersecurity / Perspectives of Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity   -   Bugiel Pellegrino Researchers and Entrepreneurs in Cybersecurity Vorlesung
147748 Ultrasound Imaging   -   Fournelle Vorlesung
148124 Kolloquiumsvorlesung Digitale Souveränität Vorlesung