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Vst.-Nr. Veranstaltung Vst.-Art Aktion
149462 Selected Topics in Mobile Security   -   Bugiel Seminar
150326 Data-driven Understanding of the Disinformation Epidemic (DUDE)   -   Zhang Seminar
150428 Wireless Security   -   Singh Seminar
150429 Opportunities and Risks of Large Language Models and Foundation Models   -   Fritz Seminar
150430 The Web Security Seminar   -   Staicu Pellegrino Stock Fass Seminar
150483 Mining Input Structures   -   Zeller Seminar
150486 A Connectionist’s View on Machine Learning   -   Burkholz Seminar
150489 Embedded Systems Security   -   Abbasi Seminar
150490 Topic in Adverserial Machine Learning   -   Zhang Seminar
150493 Privacy Engineering und Recht   -   Sorge Vogelgesang Krüger Seminar
151044 Advances in AI for Autonomous Driving (AI4AD)   -   Klusch Müller Nonnengart Meyer-Vitali Seminar
151099 Seminar: Computer-Assisted proofs in LEAN   -   Bartholdi Seminar
151123 GameCraft: Spielmechaniken und Spiele-Prototyping   -   Krüger Lessel Seminar
151160 Explainable Machine Learning (ExML)   -   Schiele Fischer Seminar
151161 AI for HCI: Optimization Methods in User Interface Design and Adaptation   -   Feit Seminar
151181 Aspects of Quantitative Program Verification   -   Kaminski Seminar
151220 Trusted AI Planning   -   Hoffmann Seminar
151225 Machine Learning for Emotion Recognition   -   Krüger Seminar
151236 Trustworthiness of Foundation Models   -   Singla Radanovic Seminar
151237 Interactive Prototypes for the Retail of the Future   -   Krüger Kosmalla Zenner Kerber Seminar
151249 Bridging the Gap: Language Models and Structured Knowledge in AI   -   Wolf Großmann Seminar
151250 Neural-Symbolic Computing   -   Finkbeiner Seminar
151251 Volumetric Imaging & Video: From Pixels to Froxels   -   Herfet Kremer Seminar
151258 Advanced Rendering Techniques   -   Slusallek Rath Seminar
151259 Generative AI for Education   -   Singla Seminar
151264 Topics in Computational Social Choice Theory   -   Mehlhorn Rathi Seminar
151265 User-Centered Research   -   Nagashima Seminar
151267 Design and Development of Interactive Technologies for Teaching Complex Systems   -   Nagashima Su Seminar
151268 Bio-based Fabrication for Sustainable Interactive Systems   -   Steimle Otaran Nicolae Seminar
151282 Language Models at the Intersection of Cognitive Science and Software Engineering   -   Apel Seminar
151302 Classical Concepts of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics in the Neural Age   -   Theobalt Habermann Leimkühler Seminar
151353 Special Topics in Deep Reinforcement Learning   -   Wolf Gros Seminar